From Freshly-Milked Whores Straight To You

lactating stella From Freshly Milked Whores Straight To You

NOW that you’re all grown up, isn’t it much better to watch a girl’s big, fat boobies leak hot milk? Just look at Stella’s huge hooters here — she’s probably producing enough of that creamy goodness to flavor your morning lattes. Doesn’t that make you wanna be her baby? ;)

And as far as babies go, I’ve seen more hot young mommas spraying their tasty milk all over the place in exchange for mouthfuls of their fuckstuds’ liquid protein at Preggo Abuse.Com. These bitches just don’t know when to stop fucking!

So what are you waiting for? Check out Preggo Abuse.Com now and have a grand time milking yourself!

Oh mama,


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Milking Pregnant Nipples Squeezed For A Drink

milky boobies

Another perky milk filled breasts mature babe right here! As a morning milking essential, this yummy mummy squeezes out all the wet streams of milk into a drinking glass whenever she feels erotically lactating. Who’s to know pregnancy could be this much fun! In this lactating breasts movie, you could really see her milky goodness drizzle out from her large flesh nipples as she gathers all the baby milk liquid into an empty clear glass for her lover to drink.

Of course those lactating breasts serve its humanly purpose as well as she delightfully shares her balloon-shaped milk filled tits to her lover after giving him the free sample. As she wobbles her juggs across his face, he would be teased hard enough to make his mouth attack those lactating breasts that needs some loving, suckingĀ  softly and even nibbling at it. Drinking milk from her breasts looked really sensual erotic to watch. But wait till you see her juicy preggo cunt nailed as well. You won’t believe how much of a hardcore fanatic she is when you see that pussy of hers that loves to play.

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Nikki's Milking on Her Tits

Nikki1159BX Nikkis Milking on Her Tits

Nikki’s a wonderful chick and here she shows off her lactating boobies. She squeezed on her nips until milk comes out of it. Seems like it tastes good, come visit the site to see more of this hottie.

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